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CONTRACT LEASE STOREROOMS in Kiev "___" _________ 20__. LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "SVOYSKLAD" code 39397349, represented by Director Mikhail V. Marchenko, acting under the Charter (hereinafter - the "Lessor") and ________________________________________________________________________ (hereinafter - the "Lessee"), and together the "Parties" to pursuant to Art. Art. 759-763, st.774 Civil Code of Ukraine, have concluded this Agreement on the number ____________ _______________ (hereinafter the) lease of the real estate complex, namely the storage room, as follows: 1. Subject matter 1.1. Lessor transfers for temporary pay Lessee of the real estate complex warehouse (hereinafter - "Warehouse"), in general warehouse complex premises located at the address: Kiev, Rybalskyi n in st. Electricians 23 (hereinafter - the "room"). 1.1.1. Individual characteristics storage room Area: ___________ cubic meters. Number: ____________ 1.1.2. Storage space is provided by the Lessor for the purpose of placing the property of the Lessee under the standard conditions approved by the Lessor (Annex - 1). Standard conditions are an integral part of the Agreement. 1.1.3. The fee for the use of premises, outlined in para. 1.1.1. , Paid by the Lessee in the monetary amount, cash or bank transfer. For each day / month the landlord pays for 1 cubic meter. in the amount of __________ (_______________________________________________________) _______ UAH., excl. 1.1.4. The rent per calendar day rental of premises is determined by the amount in the national currency of Ukraine - UAH, according to the Tariff (Annex 2 is an integral part of the Agreement). 1.2. Storage space is transferred to the Lessee solely for the purpose of storage of his property by the Tenant (items, materials, and so forth.), In accordance with standard storage conditions. 2. The procedure for the transfer and return to storage facilities. 2.1. Storage space is transferred to the Lessee under the Acceptance of transfer (Annex - 3, it is an integral part of the Agreement) after entering all the data provided by the Treaty and the Standard payment terms. 2.1.2. The act of reception and transmission facilities signed by authorized representatives of the Parties. 2.3. Admission and Return storerooms Lessor according to standard contract terms. 2.4. Release warehouse Tenant agrees to ____ hour. ___ Min. "____" _______ 201__g. 3. The rights and obligations of the Parties 3.1. The rights and obligations of the Parties provided Standard terms to this Agreement. 3.2.1. The tenant agrees to use the Warehouse exclusively for the intended purpose and in compliance with the requirements specified in this Agreement and under standard conditions. 4. The term of the contract and its renewal. 4.1. The minimum term of the sublease agreement may not be less than one calendar week, and the maximum period shall not exceed 11 months. 4.2. Lessee properly perform their duties under the Lease Agreement, upon the expiry of the sublease agreement has ceteris paribus preemptive right before other persons to conclude sublease agreement for a new term. Sub-Lessee shall notify the Lessor of the desire to conclude such an agreement within a period not later than two calendar days before the end of the lease. 5. Modification, termination and termination of the sublease agreement 5.1. Parties are entitled by mutual agreement to modify or terminate the lease under the standard conditions. 5.2. The lease contract is terminated proper performance of the obligations, as well as in other cases stipulated by legislation of Ukraine. 6. Liability of the Parties 6.1. The parties are responsible in accordance with the applicable civil and other laws of Ukraine, as well as the standard terms of this Agreement. 7. Force Majeure 7.1. Parties are released from liability for complete or partial failure of any of the obligations due to force majeure (force majeure) such as flood, fire, earthquake, as well as in time of war or hostilities or prohibitions competent state bodies or local government, occurred after the conclusion of the sublease agreement, if such circumstances directly affected the performance of the parties of their obligations under the Sublease. 7.2. In the event of force majeure, the period of performance of obligations under the Contract for sublease Party, feeling the effects of such circumstances, be extended for the duration of such circumstances and liquidation of their consequences. 7.3. The Party, which came to force majeure, shall not later than three (3) calendar days from the date of such circumstances notify the other Party of the beginning, expected duration and cessation of the above circumstances. The onset of force majeure relied on by the Party should be supported by appropriate documentary evidence. 7.4. In case of force majeure will last for more than two (2) weeks, either Party shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the sublease agreement, subject to written notice to the other Party within 5 (five) working days. 8. Notifications 8.1. Any notice sent by the Parties to each other, must be made in writing and handed to a purpose under signature or sent by post with a list of investment and return receipt requested to the address location (residence), indicated by the parties at the conclusion of the sublease agreement, unless otherwise provided Agreement. 8.2. In case of no notification from one Party to the other Party on changing their address (residence) in the manner prescribed by para. 9.1 of this Agreement, notifications are not known to the party sent to the address specified in the lease agreement. In this case, the Party - the recipient of the notice - be considered duly notified. 8.3. All notices of the agreement, claims, changes, additions, applications, etc. to the Treaty, with the exception provided by the Lessee and / or his representative personally communicated to the parties at the addresses and telephone numbers, agreed by the Parties of the Treaty warehouse. 8.4. Sent by fax and / or e-mail any notices, statements, agreements, claims, changes, additions, applications, etc. to the Treaty are valid until the receipt by one Party of the originals of these documents. 9. Dispute Resolution 9.1. All disputes arising between the parties during the execution of the sublease agreement shall be settled through negotiations. 9.2. If you are unable to resolve disputes and differences through negotiations, the Parties shall submit the dispute to a court order in place to enter into subleases. 10. Other conditions 10.1. The Parties undertake to maintain strict confidentiality with respect to information received from the other party in the performance of their obligations under the Agreement and these Standard Terms, and agree to take all possible measures to protect the information from disclosure. 10.2. Transmission of confidential information may only with the written consent of the other Party, regardless of the cause and date of termination of this Agreement. 10.3. Payment for use of warehouse space, registration of changes and additions to the Treaty, the termination of the Agreement, the signing of the act of transfer and acceptance by storerooms (return) is carried out at the office of the Lessor only during working days and hours of the administration, which are from 9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday, and from 9:00 to 14:00 Saturday and Sunday. 10.4. Additional services delivery, packaging, consumables, etc., are not included under the bill. 10.5. Renter provides access to third parties, which are designated in this part of the Contract: Name .: _______________________________ _______________________ (signature) Full name .: ________ _______________________________ _______________________ (signature) Full name .: ________ _______________________________ _______________________ (Signature ) ________ 11. Annex 1 to the contract standard terms of the lease warehouse. 2. Tariffs. 3. Acceptance protocol. 4. The act of return. 12. Details of the landlord of "SVOYSKLAD" 04176, Kyiv, str. Electricians, d. 23 EDRPOU 39,397,349 t / a 26003053127687, Kiev branch of PJSC CB "PrivatBank" MFO 321842 Website: Tel. +3 8 (066) 106-51-61 + 3 8 (097) 362-44-51 mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. skype: svoysklad Director of "SVOYSKLAD" __________________ MV Marchenko tenants from the application of the Treaty number ________ ___________ aware of (a) the full ______________________ / ___________________________


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