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Benefits of the individual storage in company SVIY SKLAD

Individual boxes of 1,1 m2 to 40 m2
Reasonable price
Access to your box 24/7
Transportation services
Fast registration
Optimal climate conditions
Safe storage
Convenient location

 things on the storage conditions of delivery, the rules of storage of stockTaking into account that self storage SVIY SKLAD for Ukraine is a new phenomenon question "what is typically stored in a warehouse?" arises. Because the answer is "all except short list" do not especially satisfies we will try to sort through, what people around the world go to a self storage with.

For example, repair. What for to move furniture from corner to corner in an attempt to hide it from the whitewash or paint? You can just carry all the things for storage on a week, month and easy to repair free apartment. And the quality and speed will be higher. Besides the risk to spoil or dusty your favorite things and furniture by negligence disappears.

When moving or storage. It is good if everything is clearly organized, and leaving the former house, you move in a ready to accept new house. But it is not always well. Often you need to leave earlier than move to a new house or a new home is not reedy, etc. Ordinary things in this situation become a serious burden. And in this case, SVIY SKLAD - is simple solution of the problem.

And what to do with a crib, pram, lots of toys, which have filled the room of the baby? To sell is sorry and then they can wait for the next child. And since the baby is getting older there will be many new things by age, so everything that is temporarily unnecessary is sent to storage in SVIY SKLAD.

SVIY SKLAD clears the living space from the things that we use from time to time: the scooter and snowboards, boats, bicycles, equipment for summer and winter tourism.

For the owners of Internet shops SVIY SKLAD is just the perfect way to save on office lease. Indeed, office rent is much higher than the rent of individual warehouse, and it becomes impractical to use expensive office space as a warehouse.

For business there is familiar situation of accumulation of documents which are of compulsory term storage, as well as furniture and office equipment. All this should be placed in SVIY SKLAD.

In other words, everything that is temporarily not in use and can not be sold, in the world, and now in Ukraine, is stored in a self storage.


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