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Benefits of the individual storage in company SVIY SKLAD

Individual boxes of 1,1 m2 to 40 m2
Reasonable price
Access to your box 24/7
Transportation services
Fast registration
Optimal climate conditions
Safe storage
Convenient location

pass on the bicycle storage, bicycle storage, rent veloboksov, rent a bike for storageAll cyclists! Its SVIY SKLAD announces the creation for you a comfortable points transplant on a bicycle on Rybalskiy Peninsula - veloBoks! 

Do you want to make cycling in Kiev at any time? Hire a specially-equipped box to convert itself from the pedestrian (the motorist) to cyclists and vice versa!

Come join us as a pedestrian or autodrivers change clothes in a box, take your bike and go enjoy a bike ride. (In the meantime, your car is in a guarded parking lot.)
At any time, return, leave the bike in the box, change clothes - and leave until the next cycling. (In the meantime, your bike is guarded round the clock.) And so many times, whenever ...

We are in the center of Kiev - on Rybalskiy Peninsula. bicycles in storage, rent veloboksov, convenient storage for Near Dnieper embankment ... But what to say, you do it yourself and know)

VeloBoksy can be any standard area of ​​1.5 m2 (3, 4, 8, 12 m2m2)

For example, veloBoks area of ​​1.5 m2 can accommodate up to 4 bikes, 3 m2 - up to 6.
And yet, rent veloBoksa we offer at the price of our standard boxes!

What you get with renting veloBoksa:
- Keeping your bike in a comfortable environment adequately protected;
- Guarded parking your car at the time of cycling;
- The ability to conveniently change;
- Hour access to their veloBoksu;
- Car wash area the SVIY SKLAD (50 m);
- Ability to build, renovate bike before or after a walk;
- Everything you need to care for themselves and the bike you can store in veloBokse.

Want tomorrow before work to make bike ride? Come and rent veloBoks today!



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