Kiev, Str. Pshenichnay, 9
Kiev, Str. Lomonosova, 50/2
Kiev, Str. Lomonosova, 46/1

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Benefits of the individual storage in company SVIY SKLAD

Individual boxes of 1,1 m2 to 40 m2
Reasonable price
Access to your box 24/7
Transportation services
Fast registration
Optimal climate conditions
Safe storage
Convenient location

news SVIY SKLAD We are glad to please you - we have opened the 4th branch of our SVIY SKLAD at Lomonosov, 46/1, Teremki-2!

It is almost a twin brother of the 2nd branch at Lomonosov, 50/1 and the area of the boxes, and the height (3 m),as well as at nice prices!

We already work, come to us!

And the rest is as usual:

- Multilevel security system;

- Closed Warehouse;

- Access to own boxing 7/24;

- Service oriented to your needs;

- Transportation and warehousing services;

- Packaging materials;

- Payment options that are convenient both for individuals and legal entities;

- Reliability and ease of use.

Visit us for storage or come for a short excursion to YOUR WAREHOUSE №4 at Lomonosov, 46/1, Teremki-2!

In order to find out all the details - call us on the specified phones or write to the mail.

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