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cargo storage, secure storageIn storage SVOY SKLAD you can store a variety of loads. At the same time you keep your goods in the boxes in which all conditions of temperature and moisture resistance. The large size of the boxes allow you to store different types of cargo and to be completely confident in their safety and reliable protection that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the opportunity of a personal storage when you put your castle and access your boxing there is only you and at the same time you can pick up your goods at any time of day. For customers who hold the goods for a long time provided for filling of boxing license plombami. Boksy equipped for storing various types of cargo, including large, heavy and bulky. We have everything for the transportation and storage of your goods in the warehouse trolleys and free packing materials, our employees can also move your goods in a box. These services are included in the rent of your box. The company SVOY SKLAD located in close proximity to major roads, with easy access roads. Also, you will be surprised cost-effective and convenient storage of your goods.

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