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       Transportation in Sviy Sklad For the convenience of service of its customers, "the warehouse" provides transportation own transport. When ordering transport, in exactly the prescribed time, you come to our neat and tidy workers, if necessary, with a variety of packaging materials, tools for disassembly of furniture, etc.

When loading the things the experts of "the warehouse" can now visually identify boxing size required for storage of cargo.

Quickly and gently, plunging everything you need, you are moving to our warehouse. This can be assured of absolute safety of all your belongings for the time of transportation for the city of Kiev, so we very carefully and slowly transport the stuff.

In this case our vehicles has the following dimensions:

- Length - 3.00

- width - 1.95

- height - 2.25

- cubic capacity - 13 m3

- carrying capacity - 2m

On arrival at our store unloading process will take much less time as the warehouse equipped with elevating mechanisms, bogies and other necessities.

If you were not previously a customer of "the warehouse" that during unloading the manager will sign with you the contract of storage.

You have nothing to worry about - cooperation with "the warehouse" just leave a good impression.

In order to use our services simply call us or fill in the online application.

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